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Now Is the Time for You to Begin a Magical Journey on Your True Soul Path

Begin your magical journey of self-discovery now...

There's a reason you're here on the Earth at this point in time.

You incarnated to fulfill a divine mission that NO ONE ELSE on the Planet can fulfill.

Though this website, you’ll discover the unique gifts that you came here to share with others so you can fulfill the mission you incarnated to achieve.

And you’ll uncover the hidden truths about blind spots that are hard to see in yourself.

By learning everything you need to know about YOUR Unique Soul Path you can play your part in the huge transition we are all going through right now on Planet Earth…

Your Soul Path Report Help You Uncover the Hidden Truths and Blind Spots That Are Hard to See In Yourself

Your Personalized Soul Reading Help You Discover...

• Your Personality Soul Code shows you who you are at the core of your being including your gifts, your blind spots, and what is holding you back in this lifetime.

• Your Vibrant Health Soul Code  uncovers your biggest health challenge and the keys to overcome it so you can have the vibrant energy and health you truly deserve.

• Your Love & Romance Soul Code helps you discover how to have the deeply-connected romantic relationship you’ve always dreamed of. It also explains how mother and father wounds can hold you back from having the love life you truly want (and how to heal them).

• Your Material Abundance Soul Code reveals the secrets to the financial and material abundance you know you deserve (but has somehow always escaped you).

Meet Aurora Starr -  Your Intuitive Soul Reading Master

Aurora's story is heart-breaking, but it has a magical ending...

She grew up in an abusive household where her father would verbally and physically abuse her mother, and his children, on a regular basis.

Trying to understand why people act this way is one of the reasons why Aurora became obsessed with Astrology and the secrets that the universe encodes in our souls when we incarnate on this planet. 

By looking for this solution, se became incredibly talented and accurate in her own style of reading that she calls "Personalized Soul Path Reports".
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Here's What Others Discovered Through Their Soul Reading...

“...I’m in tune with every single retrograde now…”
Before I learned about these whacky planetary transits, Mercury Retrograde would always catch me off-guard! Now, I prepare and use Mercury’s shenanigans to take things a little slower and avoid mishaps. I’m so thankful I don’t have to backtrack as much during those trying times.
Lucinda Y.
“It’s not just important to know my sign, but my partner’s sign too...”
It’s one thing to know yourself on a soul level, but another to learn your loved ones from the inside out, too. I’ve never felt more in tune with my wife’s emotions. Our marriage is flourishing!
Betty C.
“ ancestors were advanced! I’m amazed that they knew how to follow the stars that long ago!”
It’s always been important to me to connect back to my roots on my spiritual journey. I had no idea that my ancestors used the stars as a divine guidance system just like we do today. I feel closer to them than ever before.
Lynette W.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get a preview of Aurora's reading?

Yes, she is offering a free reading at the end of her Astrology quiz. Simply take the quiz and you'll be offered the opportunity to get a free soul reading at the end. Click here to visit the quiz page

Why Offer Online Readings?

Aurora has several years of experience reading with people face to face. After doing readings for 10+ years, she realized that he accuracy was just as good when doing readings remotely, that's when she decided to start her own online service. Try it out, you'll be shocked at what she is going to reveal about you.

What can I discover through my soul path report?

A soul path report is designed to uncover the hidden truths about blind spots that are hard to see in yourself and it will also reveal the things that are holding you back in this lifetime… And what you can do to overcome them.

Is it possible to receive a personalized reading?

Of course, but Aurora is very busy and in high demand. Please send us an email to check for availability.

Do you offer daily astrology forecasts?

We follow planets very closely and we will alert our members of all important planetary activity in relation to their sign. If you would like to receive our horoscope forecasts, simply send us an email and we'll add you to our list. You may also check our blog for the latest forecasts.